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With over 17 years of success installing tiling, flooring and feature walls, we’ve seen it all

About OnTrack Tiling DIY : With over 17 years of success in the tiling, feature flooring and walls industry, we’ve seen it all. We are offering this service because we see so many DIY projects waste a lot of time and money because the preparation for installing the tile was done incorrectly. In fact, more than 50% of the issues for a failed reno is due to lack of knowledge and incomplete or improper preparation for the work.

Many projects end up having extra charges, delays, and poor quality due to substrate preparation, or lack thereof, due to inexperience. We can show you the value of choosing the perfect contractor for your specific job and remind you that, cheaper is NOT always better.

Helping you save time by avoiding problems from the onset, at OnTrack DIY we are here to offer our expertise and help you get your DIY done right the first time!

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Doing a DIY project but have some questions?

This discreet Q&A will empower you to continue on with your project with the knowledge you need to succeed.

Need a certified consultant to make sure you are OnTrack?

An in home service with an OnTrack Certified Specialist who will look at your project to see if you are on the right track.

Do you require a little bit of assistance with your DIY?

Hire us to assist you with your project – quotes based on work needed.

About OnTrack Tiling DIY | A Process for Success

About OnTrack Tiling DIY

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Self Levelling Applications
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